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» » Look At Oil Majors As The Disconnect Continues

Look At Oil Majors

As a trader, you can sometimes get so frustrated with the market that you will do something impulsive – and stupid.

Ti can come on suddenly, and make you move to double or triple down on stocks that are truly horrible and not likely to reward you, no matter how much commitment you have.

With oil stocks not reacting very positively to oil prices, that instinct can be strong, as the disconnect between the two is truly unprecedented.

With oil prices well above $64 a barrel here in the US (above $70 for the more global Brent benchmark), most oil stocks should be roaring.

But they are not. In fact, some of the biggest oil companies – like Exxon – are at price levels concurrent to when oil was trading nearer to $40 a barrel, not $70.

Mobil was also trading in the low $70’s and oil was at $40 a barrel, all of the major oil companies were dealing with maintaining dividends while slashing capex and debt at the same time.

It would seem, even forgetting about the added profits of $70 oil versus %40, that cash flow was a far tougher problem then. With nearly 3 years of hardship behind.

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