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The news a few weeks back that eBay will be ditching PayPal as its default payments processor raised plenty of questions. It opens up the marketplace to a whole host of new opinions including Apple Pay and perhaps, even, Amazon payments.

But there are key unanswered questions about how sellers might now receive their eBay payment disbursements. 
The new payments processor Adyen is well respected and as reported before the new eBay payments service will be entirely “intermediated”. That means that it will be entirely within the eBay system and within their purview. You won’t even likely know that Adyen is involved.

PayPal isn’t perfect. It can be strict on holding funds on occasion and is certainly expensive. It is also not transparent about its fees structures and the discounts you can get if you sell in volume, (Have you applied for you PayPal Merchant Rate?) 
But, it does offer the benefit of instant funds. If you so choose, the money paid to PayPal can be transferred to your bank account every day so you can draw on those funds instantly and spend them accordingly.

That’s a tremendous boost to cash flow and a very welcome feature for merchants. And from a private seller point of view as well it seems entirely correct, if you are selling a few bits and pieces, that you can get your hands on the wedge as soon as you are paid.

But such instantaneous disbursements aren’t an industry standard. Indeed with Amazon, for instance, you can wait for weeks until you receive payment. And that’s not unusual with other marketplaces either.

So, how will eBay payment disbursements be dealt with under the new regime?

The answer is we simply just don’t know. Hope that instant disbursement of funds will be standard as stands with PayPal at the moment but there is no guarantee there. What would you like to see?

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