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Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt “Bonding” Over Meditation?

Are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt “bonding” over meditation? A new report claims the exes are getting “closer” by tuning into their spiritual sides. But Gossip Cop can bust the story.

An article in the latest edition of Heat begins, “Every A-lister needs a spiritual guru, so we’re delighted to hear that Brad Pitt has got himself a good one: Ex-wife-turned-bestie Jennifer Aniston.” 

Contends the tabloid, “Word is the pair have been bonding over their mutual love of transcendental meditation after Jen introduced Brad to the ancient practice.” The gossip magazine continues, “What’s more, their enjoyment of some spiritual downtime has brought them even closer together.”

A so-called “insider” claims to the outlet that Pitt needed a “new outlet to de-stress” after giving up alcohol and marijuana, and now believes that meditation is “helping enormously with his sobriety.” The supposed snitch goes on to assert that it was “Jen who suggested” he try the calming coping mechanism, “and now she says they could even meditate and work on healing together.” 

It’s further alleged that Aniston herself “developed an even more devout practice” following her separation from Justin Theroux in February.

The publication later editorializes, “If you ask us, exes who pray together, stay together, so it can only be a matter of time before Brad and Jen make things official again.” Gossip Cop wouldn’t recommend holding one’s breath on that. There’s a number of flaws with this story. Firstly, Aniston is not Pitt’s “bestie.” 

While it was confirmed more than a year ago that Aniston and Pitt were in touch, their occasional communications have been innocent and generally impersonal. They are far from best friends. As People reported earlier this year, Aniston and Pitt haven’t even seen each other in “ages” and “aren’t in regular contact.”

Secondly, the phrasing “word is” suggests the outlet has no direct knowledge or confirmation of its claims. In Aniston’s case, she revealed in 2016 that her morning routine includes meditation. 

But her former spouse has never spoken of engaging in the practice. In Pitt’s GQ cover story last year, which remains his only extensive post-split interview to date, he acknowledged going to therapy, but made no mention of exploring spirituality. So, overall, there’s no proof to support the tabloid’s claims, but actual evidence to contradict them.

Additionally, the magazine has a history of spreading provably false allegations about these particular stars. For example, last month the publication maintained Aniston was “too humiliated to go out” following her breakup with Theroux, when there was plenty of documentation to the contrary. 

And just like Aniston wasn’t staying home, she’s not counseling Pitt on meditation, either. Our Pitt and Aniston confidantes, speaking on the condition of anonymity, tell Gossip Cop this is the umpteenth tale about the former spouses that has no merit.

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